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Journal of Occupational and Environmetal Medicine. Vol. 57, Iss. 9, September 2015

Pregnant Employee Protection Program in a Large Chemical Company


Objectives: To assess whether a structured employee protection program for pregnant workers at a chemical company has an impact on pregnancy outcomes.

Methods: Reported pregnancies (n = 1402) between 2003 and 2010 and their outcomes were documented using questionnaires at the time of pregnancy report, end of pregnancy, and 1 year later. Potential maternal exposures were assessed using job histories, workplace inspections, and questionnaires.

Results: Participation was 86% overall and was consistently high across subgroups.

Pregnancy losses (10.9%), pregnancy complications, and preterm births (8.1%) were in agreement with rates in the general population and were independent of type of work and maternal exposure category.

Conclusions: Pregnancy complication rates in this chemical company are not statistically elevated than that in the general population, as suggested in a previous study. The protection program may play a role in preventing complications that may have occurred.


Chemical Company, pregnancy outcomes, Pregnant Employee, protection program

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