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Occupational Medicine (Oxford Journals). Vol. 63, Iss. 7, October 2013

Hazard information needs and information seeking in French workers


Background Data about perceived needs of workers for information on occupational hazards or diseases (OHDs) are scarce and the behaviour of workers seeking information on these matters is not well known.

Aims To describe workers’ needs and behaviour in seeking information about OHDs.

Methods All workers attending for consultation at an occupational health service in Upper Normandy within 1 week were invited to fill in an anonymous questionnaire.

Results Of the 2640 workers responding 58% declared a need for information about OHD, but only 37% actually sought that information. Whereas 82% of workers mentioned the internet and their general physician (GP) as sources of information on OHD, only 43% mentioned their occupational physician (OP). Furthermore, information received from OPs was not considered more reliable than that from GPs.

Conclusions Workers report a need for information about OHDs. Although most of them trust information given by OPs, they do not use OPs to obtain OHD information, but instead use less reliable sources such as the internet or their GPs.


Hazard information, information research, occupational diseases, occupational hazards

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