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Journal of Occupational and Environmetal Medicine. Vol. 57, Iss. 6, June 2015

Exposure Reconstruction and Risk Analysis for Six Semiconductor Workers With Lymphohematopoietic Cancers


Objective: To investigate whether workplace exposures to recognized lymphohematopoietic carcinogens were possibly related to cancers in six semiconductor-manufacturing workers.

Methods: A job-exposure matrix was developed for chemical and physical process agents and anticipated by-products. Potential cumulative occupational exposures of the six cases were reconstructed. The role of workplace exposures in cancer was evaluated through quantitative risk assessment and by comparison with epidemiological literature.

Results: Two workers were potentially exposed to agents capable of causing their diagnosed cancers. Reconstructed exposures were similar to levels in outdoor environments and lower than exposures associated with increased risks in epidemiological studies. Cancer risks were estimated to be less than 1 in 10,000 persons.

Conclusions: The development of cancer among the six workers was unlikely to be explained by occupational exposures to recognized lymphohematopoietic carcinogens.


Lymphohematopoietic Cancers, Risk Analysis, Semiconductor Workers