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Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Vol. 55, Iss. 7, July 2013

Comparison of X-Ray Films and Low-Dose Computed Tomographic Scans: Demonstration of Asbestos-Related Changes in 2760 Nuclear Weapons Workers Screened for Lung Cancer


Objective Increased availability and technical improvements of computed tomographic (CT) scanning encourages its use for detecting asbestos-related disease. We compared low-dose scans and x-ray films in 2760 workers potentially exposed to asbestos, to assess their ability to detect interstitial lung disease (ILD) and pleural thickening (PT).

Methods A total of 2760 nuclear workers received radiography and CT scanning (2006 to 2009). X-ray films were read by a B reader for ILD and PT and CT scans by a thoracic radiologist, using a protocol for nodules, ILD, and PT.

Results Of the 2760 workers, 271 showed circumscribed PT on CT scans, and 73 on x-ray films, 54 (74%) of which were confirmed on CT scans; 76 showed ILD on CT scans, and 15 on x-ray film, 10 (67%) of which were confirmed on CT scans.

Conclusions Radiographic readings of PT and ILD were generally confirmed on CT scans. Computed tomographic scans detected three to five times more cases; the majority were minor.


asbestos-related disease, low-dose Tomographic Scans, nuclear workers, X-Ray Films

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